Quest Claims Solutions is a bespoke insurance recovery and liability company that offers boutique legal services specialising in a complete functional solution to all third -party and recovery, liability and litigation insurance claims.


A complete functional solution to all subrogated recovery, liability and litigation insurance claims. From inception of the claim, all information supplied is analysed and utilised by a dedicated team of validators and collators who break down key components to better understand the viability, feasibility and prospects at every step of the process. Our partnerships with key investigative teams as well as the utilisation of key Living Standards Measure (LSM) ensures that the most accurate information is procured in tracking and tracing liable individuals. Apart from ensuring utilisation of the best investigation and tracing resources available, Quest also prides itself on key relationships established and maintained with various key stakeholders within the industry. Quest’s management team have a plethora of knowledge and insight in the industry, with over 50 years of cumulative experience dealing with insurance claims both from an own damage and subrogated perspective.


Quest’s leading segmentation model allows for the use of dedicated teams, each with specific service operating processes that ensure the best possible outcome on claims. These are:

A dedicated Front Office for the registration and capturing of claims.

Validation and collation of third party information received to ensure accuracy in the pursuance of the correct liable individuals.

Innovative and ground-breaking use of the Living Standards Measure (LSM) model in better understanding the viability and feasibility of subrogated recoveries and liabilities.

A dedicated team of recovery negotiators and subject matter experts dealing with third party insurance companies, brokers and UMA’s in the pursuance of recovering the client’s damages.

A dedicated team of liability negotiators dealing with third party insurance companies, brokers and UMA’s in pursuance of settling matters on behalf of clients in line with legal principles and TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) practices



Mickesh Maharaj

Quest is the brainchild of Mickesh Maharaj, the Company’s founder and Managing Director. Mickesh has had a career in the insurance and legal industry spanning more than Twenty years. He graduated from the University of Natal with a BA-LLB and has spent his years since, in the insurance industry across the claims process in both Personal and Commercial Lines. In 2010 Mickesh was promoted to Branch Manager of Santam’s Johannesburg Legal Division where, over the years he developed an industry leading insourcing model for legal recoveries, liabilities and litigation. In 2017, Mickesh joined Old Mutual Insure as the Head of Department for Recoveries, Liabilities and Litigation. During his tenure at the company, he enjoyed tremendous success delivering groundbreaking and industry leading results against other top insurance companies. With a plethora of expertise and accolades to his name, Mickesh hopes to deliver service beyond excellence with the help of his team.


Minolen Nair

Minolen is the Company’s co-founder and Operational Director. In addition to this role, he also heads Quest’s Uninsured Recoveries, Liabilities and Litigation division. Minolen brings an excess of 15 years of experience in the insurance industry having spent a bulk of that time entrenched in legal recoveries, legal collections and other insurance related aspects in the claims environment as well as legal practice. He has occupied senior management roles at some of the country’s top insurance companies working closely with external service providers to develop industry-leading workflow processes with the aim of delivering better results for many companies bottom-line


Kapeel Bhaw

Kapeel brings 17 years of experience in the financial services and legal industry to the Quest Management Team. During this time, he has occupied both specialist and management roles across a myriad of fields including motor vehicle accident recoveries, liabilities & litigation, operations management, own damage claims as well as underwriting. His tenure has seen him occupy senior management roles at blue-chip insurance companies in the country. Apart from Kapeel’s vast experience in the short term insurance and financial services industry, he also holds a Certificate of Proficiency and Regulatory
Examination and a higher certificate in Law.


Imraan Govind

Imraan Govind manages the Insured Recoveries and Liabilities division of Quest. He graduated with a BCom LLB from the University of South Africa in 2002. Imraan has worked within the insurance and legal industry for sixteen years dealing with motor recoveries, liabilities and other insurance related matters. During his tenure he was occupied roles at Scorpion Legal Services, Telesure Investment Holdings, Old Mutual Insure and Constantia. Imraan has a strong affiliation to legal recoveries and liabilities having worked with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. He believes that the key to success is in the daily delivery of service excellence and plans to use his resilience from years of experience to provide Quest and their clientele with the best possible results. 


Brandon Moonsamy

Brandon is the Manager of the Front Office, Uninsured Recoveries and Liabilities department. He has fifteen years of experience in dealing with subrogated recovery and liability claims. Brandon graduated with a Diploma in Business Management and Pastel Accounting, and soon thereafter started off his career at Calmanz Inc. in 2006 where he was employed as a Recoveries and Liabilities negotiator. Since then, Brandon has worked at other major insurance companies while occupying middle to senior management roles. Brandon has a vast array of experience within the insurance industry which he hopes to utilize to the best of his ability in his role at Quest.


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